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seminar 18-20 september 2019 Brazil

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Seminar : september 18 - 30

Topics during the seminar:
The family: how the family model will evolved over time
The spiritual world
Family and spirituality, there evolution
The evolution of the Earth
Liberation from the physical body (death and "life of light")
Reflection on our biological nature
Hope for a new world, a new consciousness
Evolution of the construction of life (the planetary organization)
Emotional and rational understanding according to the state of our physical and spiritual body
The nature protection and the impact of direct and indirect human influence on it

Price for residents of Abadiania  and the surrounding area who will not benefit from all inclusive: 550 reais, which include:
- daily transportation from Abadiania to the Oasis Ranch and back
 September 18 to September 30 without excursion day for all inclusive participant.
-Coffee, tea, biscuits during the seminar
- Carmen Lazarova: A Lecture on the Structure of Brain Spheres According to Beyond Earth Teachers by Alpha Centaur - The Kardem  and Ash-Tar Project, Their Action and How to Make the Brain Work in Our Favor
- Carmen Lazarova - diagnostics of the energy status of the individual participants at the beginning and at the end of the seminar. The information will be transmitted electronically in English or Spanish. Please carry a flash memory


Circular Energy Technique: Jucelino transmits to each person healing energy that complements the technique of cotton and increases the vibrational speed of the information body.
Once you've learned the basics of these energy practice, you can use it in the future wherever you are, to clean your fine fields.
Session of personal spiritual orientation : will allow us to change our future in a more positive aspect.

- daily group meetings with Jucelino Luz
- a personal meeting with Jucelino Luz


Note: Meetings with Juselino Luz are free. Donations accepted to cover costs from Aguas de Lindoia to Abadiania

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Office of the school director

10 Arbat Str, 119002, Moscow, Russia.

Aryas de Lindoy, March 18, 2019


The Russian government is obliged on June 16, 2019 to launch the target Gross domestic product (GDP) indicator and during this year it should strive to protect the country's economic growth. So it will not be good if this month it is higher. In a few years, incentive measures will be taken in response to a slightly lower picture of the economic growth in 2019/2020/2021, with possibility of a crisis in China in 2022, which will also affect Bangladesh, India and Russia.

  1. Aeroflot aircraft will make an emergency landing at the Moscow's Sheremetyevo International Airport on May 5, 2019. After a maneuver a fire will start. There will be 73 passengers and five crew members on board the aircraft. 37 people will survive the accident and about 42 passengers might die;
  2. The Dalai Lama, the spiritual leader, who will be hospitalized from April 8 to 9, 2019 in New Delhi, India, will be delivered to New Delhi for a medical examination. He must also pass other tests, and may be in delicate (life-threatening) condition. He must be treated by a doctor;
  3. Torrential rains and landslides can kill dozens of people in South India on August 5, 2019, and they will have to open the doors of 28 reservoirs unhindered to avoid potentially catastrophic breakdowns. The rains from June to September 2019 in the Indian state of Kerala will cost many lives and millions of dollars to the government of India. A state with 44 rivers will have the strongest floods in the next few years between 2019 and 2023;
  4. Many people may die in Bangladesh on May 4, 2019 as a result of the passage of the cyclone Fanny, which will lead to nine deaths in India due to wind speed at 200 km / h and possible deaths. Powerful cyclone will slam on May 3, 2019.

The storm in the holy city of Puri in India, before going to Bangladesh, will be one of the strongest in the Indian Ocean in the recent years. In India, the storm will cause damage in the state of West Bengal and its capital, Kalkupe, including the Sundarbans mangrove zone, with winds of up to 80 km / h and torrential rains. The cyclone Fani will be the fourth storm of this kind that will hit the east coast of India in three decades. There is a tendency to increase this number of events every year.

  1. On the east coast of Hokkaido, Japan, a magnitude 6.0 earthquake will occur. May 4, 2019 (Brazil time) the epicenter of the earthquake will be located at 59 kilometers from the sea surface in the coastal city Nemuro on the eastern tip of Hokkaido island;
  2. In this plot of the film there will be another new suspect in the disappearance of the British girl Madeleine McCann, which occurred on May 3, 2007, when she was three years old. Unfortunately, once again, the track will be handed over to the Portuguese authorities by the London Metropolitan Police Scotland Yard. And it will be another clue "not correct", because the girl was not kidnapped, there is no pedophilia and sexual crimes. Moreover, in this crime there was no participation of the unknown in Luza - Portugal.

I hope to be wrong, but this is what I saw in my dreams.

Professor Juscelino Nobrega da Luz-Kaix Index 54 - Águas de Lindóia

 - C, P. CEP: 13940-000 Brazil



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Wednesday, 03 April 2019 17:00


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Most people perceive themselves only as material beings. They think that thoughts are formed by the brain. They define themselves as standing firmly on the ground and believe that their life and their essence disappear with the death of the physical body. When something unexpected and horrible happens in their lives, they blame for the accident the nature, the government, the terrorists, God knows who besides, because they do not understand the true cause of their own misfortunes.

Unlike these people, I KNOW for sure that there are many other worlds which our human eyes can not see, many other spaces that we can not touch or even imagine. This is the invisible world of the spiritual realm, which determines our existence. This is the world invisible to our senses and each of us is an integral part of it, whether we know or ignore it. This world exists regardless of our beliefs.

I was 30 years old with cancer and I was forced to change my views about the world in which I was born. I was forced to look for alternative methods of healing and that is how I discovered my true essence: I AM a Spirit that manifests itself in the material world in a human body to explore the Universe and its own vast possibilities.

Wednesday, 01 May 2019 17:35

Prediction May 2019

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Forecasts ( predictions ) for May 2019 of Jucelino Luz


Forecasts  ( predictions )   for May 2019 of Jucelino Luz


We remind everyone that Omens or premonitions are not predestination, everything will happen if nothing changes in the near future.
“Jucelino Luz is completing 50 years of his letter sent all over the world”

“Negative energies are already existing in the Universe – we are just trying to transform them …”

Data from 1969 to 2019, concerning the letters sent in the band searched for a total of 100% in the archives, there are considerable proportions of 60% of them that have become reality

Águas de Lindóia, April 29, 2019

MAY / 2019
1 – Elections in Argentina neither Macri nor Cristina Kirchner will be able to elect – Cristina Kirchner, will use the tactic of launching a book before the elections speaking ill of Macri, however, just imagine if Macri launch another book talking about Cristina Kirchner, since the death of Nestor – will give what to speak in Argentina. Unfortunately, for the Argentine people, neither of them can solve the country’s problem, which could lead to absolute “chaos” – if no other candidate emerges there, Cristina Kirschner, who is still very popular in Argentina , will go out with everything against Macri, televisions, attacks, book, to detonate its little current popularity – the people’s nightmare will be after if elected. Today Kirchner is involved in one of the biggest scandals in Argentina, being able to give back through his power conquered years in that country; ( nothing personal );

Sunday, 21 April 2019 19:32

Governor of Sri Lanka 2-nd part

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people will be unhappy with the Pakatan Harapan government at the state and federal level.
The result will be as a sweet victory for Tok Mat and Barisan, and can ring alarm bells for
Pakatan. Mohamad will win by a comfortable margin of at least 4,510 votes on April13 of
2019 ;
6. There will have 11 foreign victims of the factory bus accident near the Maskargo area in
Sepang -Kuala Lumpur Malaysia . Seventeen people will be reported as injured or in
critical condition at the Serdang Hospital, six in Putrajaya, two in Banting, one each in
Kajang and Klang. The bus driverS. Suresh, will claimed by his next of kin between April 8
or 9 of 2019 .The bus will crash due Driver will take a wrong tum
7. The possible death of a woman in a shootout in the Creggan Housing complex on 19 April
2019 in Londonderry in Northern Ireland will be a "terrorist incident", Riots in Londonderry,
on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland The victim will be the
journalist Lyra McKee, who will report on the conflict in Northern Ireland. where a man will
start firing at the police and Lyra McKee;
8. An accident with a bus that will take tourists to Madeira island, Portugal, will kill at least 28
people and leave other victims injured. The driver will lose control of the vehicle, which will
leave the runway and topple in a ravine -stopping near houses in the city of Cani~o . and
most of the tourists on the bus will be Germans - but may have from other countries, will
take place between April16 to 17, 2019;
9. A 15-year-old California girl who will be in danger on April 2019 with her mother and a
man who will be both accused of murder. Alora Benitez will be with mom Maricela
Mercado and Roman Cerratos, who will be both considered "armed and dangerous" and
will kill a man in the city of Carson on April 15 of 2019 .
10. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Will , become the first 2020 Democratic candidate to call for
President Trump's impeachment, and will break with the party's leadership in the House.
Protoco l I ~ a
':.(( I I..Q.:/.__1~}:3
' ' Jucelino Nobrega Da LuJ
. Jucelino Nobrega da L -Caixa Postal 54 -Aguas de Lind6ia-S.P CEP:13940-000

Sunday, 21 April 2019 19:23

Governor of Sri Lanka 1st part

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