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November 25, 2017 in Predictions, video

The submarine made the route between Ushuaia, in Patagonia, at the southern end of the continent, to the naval base of Mar del Plata, to the north. He last communicated on Wednesday, when he was 432 km from the departure point of the trip.
Argentine navy spokesman Enrique Balbi said in interviews that there is still oxygen and food for the crew. According to him, the vessel had provisions for 15 days and could be either on the surface or submerged, with or without propulsion. The submarine began its journey on Monday, the 13th.
What’s it like living inside a submarine?
On November 18, the Argentine Ministry of Defense reported that seven satellite attempts were detected that could be from the submarine, but on November 20, nothing was confirmed.
Brazil sent three ships from the Brazilian Navy and made available Air Force planes for the searches. The United States and the United Kingdom, as well as Chile, Peru and Uruguay, also help in the search.
Of German origin, the ARA San Juan is one of the three submarines that the Argentine Navy has and was incorporated to the country’s fleet in 1985. According to premonitory visions, it would have to have a reform, that could compromise even more the conditions of the Submarine, because possibly , was made with intent to divert money in bidding, and could the crew be at risk of life in 2017, with details of electrical problems with explosion (if there was something like that, because they were not locating the submarine, from the point – strange?) It seems, without wanting to judge anyone, that the Submarine, can not appear?
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  • Date of prediction Saturday, 25 November 2017
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  • Year of prediction 2017
  • Month of prediction November
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November 8, 2017 in Predictions

The Lectures and meetings about Global Warming are not as they seem to be !!?

More than thirty years after the first United Nations Conference on Environmental Protection, more than 100 countries are reminiscent of Environment Day, holding events to raise public awareness of this important issue. According to the UN, the active participation of young people is essential in the process of constant awareness. It is to discuss the environmental issues that are taking place in Bonn, Germany, the 23rd UN conference on climate. Germany also agrees with this principle and today is meeting to discuss the climate problem, the most interesting is that the great World Leader Angela Merkel (whose nothing against …), which makes a great propaganda to fight against pollution and environmental protection, it seems to me more than it is to raise resources, than to truly help counter the evolution of warming; see why I have my doubts, this same leader who talks about combating global warming, has a recent project to build more than 26 thermoelectric plants in Germany, one of the biggest polluters, “coal” – and increasing its nuclear potential ! Now, shall we stop this hypocrisy?

While German schoolchildren are discussing and taking the issue seriously, Germany’s most powerful leader uses the platform to say fallacies to get resources, “fool” environmentalists, especially those of us who advocate protecting nature and human survival. It is clear that the ideas that can be employed in environmental preservation, in a clear demonstration that the little ones can and should have a voice. The International Children’s Parliament, for example, set up in 2000 at the Expo, has made an appeal that will now be included in the agenda of the German government, however, few issues will be taken seriously by a government that says something and does another !!?

That would be like: “a vegetarian give a lecture for people not to consume meat, however, inside  his /her  refrigerator is full of meat …”

I would like to make it clear that it is not only Germany, a majority of representatives of the environment, they are only there to raise funds, even in interviews, journalists are almost always handpicked – that is, to do material favoring this type of meetings and meetings, that one day there will be a great scandal of deviations and will be unmasked in this great farce of “environmental protection”

I want to leave here registered that I respect and I really like the German people

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As reuniões e encontros sobre o aquecimento Global, não são como parecem !!?

The lectures  and  meetings about Global Warming are not as they seem to be !!?


Die Vorträge und Treffen über die globale Erwärmung sind nicht so, wie sie zu sein scheinen !!


Les conférences et les réunions sur le réchauffement climatique ne sont pas comme ils semblent être !!


Ceramah dan pertemuan tentang Pemanasan Global tidak seperti yang terlihat !!?

Лекции и встречи о Глобальном потеплении – это не так, как кажется? !!

지구 온난화에 관한 강연회와 회의는 마치 그들이하는 것처럼 보이지 않습니다 !!

Föreläsningarna och mötena om Global Warming är inte som de verkar vara !!?

Лекциите и срещите за Глобалното затопляне не са такива, каквито изглежда да са!

Las conferencias y reuniones sobre el calentamiento global no son como parecen ser?


Ang mga lektura at mga pagpupulong tungkol sa Pag-init ng Daigdig ay hindi tila ang mga ito? !!

المحاضرات والاجتماعات حول الاحتباس الحراري ليست كما يبدو أن !! !!

Các bài giảng và các cuộc họp về hâm nóng toàn cầu không phải là họ có vẻ như là !!

Οι διαλέξεις και οι συναντήσεις για την υπερθέρμανση του πλανήτη δεν είναι όπως φαίνεται να είναι !!

De lezingen en bijeenkomsten over Global Warming zijn niet zoals ze lijken te zijn !!?

Գլոբալ տաքացման մասին դասախոսություններն ու հանդիպումները ոչ թե այնպիսին են, ինչպիսին թվում են:

D’Virlagten an d’Reuniounen iwwer den globalen Erhéijung sinn net sou wéi et schéngt !!

व्याख्यान और ग्लोबल वार्मिंग के बारे में बैठकों के रूप में वे लग रहे हो नहीं है !!?

Izinkulumo nemihlangano mayelana nokufudumala kwe-Global akuzona njengoba kubonakala sengathi!

A globális felmelegedésről szóló előadások és megbeszélések nem olyanok, mint amilyennek tűnik!

Küresel Isınma ile ilgili dersler ve toplantılar onlar gibi değil!?

Wykłady i spotkania na temat globalnego ocieplenia nie są takie, jakimi wydają się być !!?

Predavanja i sastanci o globalnom zagrijavanju nisu kako se čini!

Foredragene og møderne om global opvarmning er ikke som de synes at være !!?

Globaalin lämmityksen luennot ja kokoukset eivät ole niin kuin ne näyttävät olevan!?

உலக வெப்பமயமாதல் பற்றிய விரிவுரைகள் மற்றும் கூட்டங்கள் அவை போல் தோன்றவில்லை !!

Syarahan dan pertemuan mengenai Pemanasan Global tidak sepertinya! !!

Prelegerile și întâlnirile despre Încălzirea globală nu sunt așa cum se pare că sunt!

Iintetho kunye neentlanganiso malunga nokufudumala kwehlabathi jikelele akuzona njengokuba zibonakala ngathi !!

Лекції та зустрічі щодо глобального потепління не такі, як вони здаються !!?

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  • Forecast for The Lectures and meetings about Global Warming
  • Date of prediction Wednesday, 08 November 2017
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  • Year of prediction 2017
  • Month of prediction November
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November 5, 2017 in Predictions, video

Earthquake and Tsunami of March 11, 2011 – forecast by Jucelino Luz

It has been six years since the tsunami and devastating 9-magnitude earthquake struck northeast Japan on March 11, 2011. The entire world population is aware of the damage that this tragedy has caused the country. Unfortunately, many injuries are not yet fully healed … And it was predicted by Jucelino Luz, in the video that was awarded by TV Tokyo in 2008, he could see and observe that he was inside a helicopter circling some areas that would be affected in Japan

There were almost 20,000 dead and more than 300,000 homeless, and thousands of these people still live in temporary shelters, even after six years of tragedy. The nuclear crisis in the country is slowly establishing itself, but many reactors remain active. For Jucelino Luz, the country should change its safety standards and gradually banish this dangerous system to Japan.

It really is difficult to measure all the losses and consequences that the earthquake and tsunami brought to Japan. And also realize that this fact has brought consequences that have shaken the entire planet. I decided to gather in this article some facts about the tsunami, earthquake and the nuclear crisis so we have an idea of ​​the real proportion. And that between 2018 and 2022, we will have another Earthquake of the same magnitude or otherwise, higher than that of 2011.

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  • Event   natural disaster
  • Object of prediction others
  • Forecast for natural disaster November 2017
  • Date of prediction Sunday, 05 November 2017
  • Future events without a specific date
  • Year of prediction 2017
  • Month of prediction November
Friday, 12 April 2019 19:52

Predictions for the month of November 2017

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Predictions for the month of November 2017

October 31, 2017 in Predictions, video

Predictions for the month of November 2017
(Dreams are not predestination ….) 

1. Dengue hemorrhagic fever, Zica virus, chikungunya in São Paulo and other locations in Brazil spread rapidly, causing turmoil in Hospitals in several locations in Brazil;
2. Great Manifestations in Argentina against problems in the economy of Argentina and new scandal involving corruption, mafia, and commissioned deaths; there will also be demonstrations and in some localized storms and gales, with floods in some regions;
3. In Italy earthquake of strong intensity, and in some localities manifestations against internal problems, and storms, floods and gales;
4. There is a possibility of air crash near the region of the Philippines ..;
5. Train crash victim more than 60 people in India – near New Delhi;
6. Earthquake of 7.0 reaches region of Japan and can cause some material damages;
7. Nevasca reaches Europe, causing upheavals in some regions there .;
8. Strong rains reach the South of the country, leaving victims in Santa Catarina, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul; and heavy rains in Rio de Janeiro and Serranas areas;
9. Company continues to pollute several Rivers in Espirito Santo, causing deaths of fish and animals, and it can harm places that depend on the region;

10. New scandals appear involving Brazilian politicians, and can even heat up the demonstrations in Brazil; The people will have to take care of Brazil, or the country will be more and more, sinking – favors exchanges, pizza, corruption will continue;
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Previsões para o mês de Novembro  de 2017

Predictions  for November 2017

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  • Forecast for Natural disaster, a political problem, health problem end other November 2017
  • Date of prediction Tuesday, 31 October 2017
  • Future events without a specific date
  • Year of prediction 2017
  • Month of prediction October
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October 22, 2017 in Predictions

Millions of Japanese faced on October 22, 2017 torrential rains caused by the approach of a powerful typhoon Lan, on the other hand, to vote in the early legislative elections convened by conservative and nationalist Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. After the closing of the polls at 8 pm (local time, 9 am in Brasília), Jucelino Luz’s omens indicate a coalition victory led by the party of the premier, who would have won a majority. According to omens, the conservative coalition could get 311 seats, out of 465 Lower House. The vote, of which 100 million people are entitled to participate, was initially scheduled for next year only, but was brought to the last minute by the prime minister on the grounds that a new mandate was needed to overcome a mainly because of the nuclear advance of North Korea.

After a brief 13-day campaign focused on this topic and on economic issues, the elections were held on Sunday in heavy rain and sometimes violent winds, signals announcing the typhoon Lan, which heads to the archipelago coming from the southwest with winds of up to 220 km / h in the Pacific Ocean. 

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Shinzo  Abe  vencerá as eleições   e  forte  Tufão   no Japão 


Shinzo Abe will win the elections and strong Typhoon in Japan


Shinzo Abe wird die Wahlen und starken Taifun in Japan gewinnen

아베 신조 ( ) 일본 총리와 일본 태풍

Shinzo Abe va gagner les élections et fort Typhoon au Japon

Shinzo Abe akan memenangkan pemilihan dan topan kuat di Jepang

Синдзо Абэ выиграет выборы и сильный тайфун в Японии

Shinzo Abe ganará las elecciones y fuerte Tufón en Japón

Shinzo Abe vincerà le elezioni e il forte Typhoon in Giappone

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  • Event  others
  • Object of prediction others
  • Forecast for Natural disaster, a political problem end other October 2017
  • Date of prediction Sunday, 22 October 2017
  • Future events without a specific date
  • Year of prediction 2017
  • Month of prediction October
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October 13, 2017 in Predictions